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About Us

"No greater thing on this earth than love." - A.E. Draper


Ted's Dry Rub's offers a range of dry spices and sauces made in Australia with southern American roots. I'm originally from the state of Kentucky USA, on the western side. We have a unique BBQ profile not found anywhere else.


For over 21 years we have perfected our spices and sauces, spinning off from the traditional western Kentucky flavors before we made the decision to market our products. Our goal is to bring flavor to your plate and our mission is to bring your family to the table.


I'm not a professional chef. I'm a home cook and Pitmaster, bringing stories, laughter, and good times to our families. I keep it simple, I observe what I'm doing, and I take the time to understand what the meat and fire is telling me. 


My dad and grandad were the same. Sometimes nothing need to be said. We enjoyed each other's company, we liked it simple, and we liked to eat.  To my dad and grandad who are shining down on us, you continue to make me humble with each strike of the match. 

Our name originates from our first born Theodore, whom we affectionately call Ted. This is our tradition, and we want to share it with you. Understanding where you come from, helps you know where you are going.  

If y'all want to add flavor to your table, well this is where it begins.

Jacob - Ted's Dry Rubs

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