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Chicken Wings

The good ol' trusty chicken wings. Something the whole family loves, and

it doesn't take all day!


In this recipe, you're kids will be asking for more; you are welcome!

Be sure to head to your local butcher on this one. Quality free range

chicken makes all the difference in flavor. 

This recipe is created for a faster cook, whether it's the charcoal of gas

BBQ, or the oven.

  • 2kg Chicken wings

  • Ted's Sweet Cajun or Ted's Sweet

  1. Wash

    • I like to rinse the chicken to remove excess blood and to remove left over feathers​

    • Dry the chicken after washing

  2. Lightly coat the chicken in peanut oil, or oil of your choosing, and generously sprinkle on Ted's Sweet Cajun rub all over the wings.​

  3. Start the cooker

    • This time allows the chicken to come to room temperature within a safe time frame​

    • You are after a temperature of 350F (180C) 

  4. ​Cook the wings​

    • For the BBQ, I like to initially place over the heat source keeping a close eye not to burn. I flip after 3-5 minutes, then move to the cooler part of the cooker away from direct heat. Once at about 145F (65C), I put back over direct heat to help the maillard effect, which is the bark or char - not burnt​

    • For the oven, just put them in and turn half way through (about 15 minutes)

  5. Remove from cooker at 165F (330)internal temperature, let rest for 10 minutes.

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